• What we offer

    We offer  prompt, friendly service, honesty and fairness, highly competitive rates and quality repairs. We are in the business of helping the people and businesses from the South West Area repair their computers, and maintain them in an optimal configuration.
  • How we support you

    We also provide services such as hardware or software upgrades, installation of accessories such as printers, scanner, fax...our IT Techs can troubleshoot any home or business PC issues and help you with all of your needs.
  • Your one stop shop

    We also stock a huge range of products in our showroom from leading vendors including ASUS,Toshiba,Leader Computers, Edsys,D-link and many more brands. Check out our catalogue or visit us instore.
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At Nerdism our goal is to provide you with quality and cost effective solutions based on your needs.

We offer prompt, friendly service, honesty and fairness, highly competitive rates and quality repairs.

We are in the business of helping the people and businesses from the South West Area repair their computers, and maintain them in an optimal configuration.

We take good care of our customers — their satisfaction is our measure of success.

Phone today and ask to speak to one of our sales associates or I.T Technicians!